Preparation Can Help Calm The Mom!

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Is This You?

I was never a list maker or a planner before children. I would usually just go with the flow and whatever happens is what happens. Child number one and two was a breeze when going places or accomplishing tasks but when child three and four came around I thought it was simply impossible to get anything done and going anywhere was a nightmare! So after child number four I found it easier to accomplish daily tasks and outings with the children if I had daily plans off attack!

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Staying in???

When I know that I will be in the house doing chores the kids will help but when I am doing my Mommy duties like laundry, dishes, etc it seemed as if I left the room for five minutes and come back and the room they were in was destroyed! Like little tornadoes…. Of course I would make them clean up their mess but it got so frustrating. Dealing with multiple tornadoes daily where overwhelming and honestly just too time consuming to argue with them to get it cleaned up! So I have a new approach. I have three or four little busy tasks for them to do whether it be coloring, board games, or learning games. That keeps them busy long enough for me to throw in a load of laundry and clean up the dishes etc.  Having little daily tasks and things for the kids to do and accomplish can be fun for them and make your life a whole lot easier. Here are some cool little things that my girls have been doing while on Christmas Break:

  • bracelet making (fishing line, beads, and whatever else you can find laying around the house)
  • coloring a few pictures for family members and putting in envelopes to mail (kids love to mail things)
  • board games for them all to play together (be sure to have the no arguments talk prior)
  • Let them make a scrap book with magazines, glue sticks, a few pictures of themselves, stickers, and craft paper
  • Painting Sun Catchers (you can find these kits for $1 at the dollar store)
  • Making Lunch (Yes children love to cook) Have them make PB&J’s and let them have fun with cookie cutters

For all of these tasks of course not the making lunch I have shoe box rubber maids in the top of my closet and you can store all the materials needed for these in those boxes and that is how I make it exciting for them. They do not know what they will be doing that day. I have all kinds of fun boxes and they never know what they will get! They better be good or they will get no box and time out chair. Make it fun! Make them excited for their busy work during the days.

Heading out???

Oh my… going out with four kids while Daddy is at work and have absolutely no help is the hardest for me. These are the moments when I just need to take a step back and regroup so I don’t loose my mind!

I try to prepare the day before. Outfits laid out all the way down to the matching hair bows and socks!  Do not catch yourself in a hurry and have to go find everyone something to wear. Most Mom’s spend entirely too much time running through the house trying to find matching socks before walking out the door especially when you are on a time crunch.

Back Packs are awesome!!! Get each child backpacks of their own and put their own toys in them. Whatever toys will keep them busy on the road trip, in the doctors office, or where ever you are going. Having their own back pack with their own toys will make them feel special and you can even let them choose what they want to bring.

Snacks are a huge thing for my girls. It seems like they are always HUNGRY!!!! Does not matter if breakfast was fifteen minutes ago. Make sure to pack a snack baggy for each child and throw it in the diaper bag. I try doing healthy snacks like bagged apples, pretzels, carrots, cheese squares, etc. You get the picture. Juice boxes, bottled water, or whatever you choose for their drink option.

I always keep tissue, hand sanitizer, and an extra outfit in the car at all times! You never know when you will need it.

These are just some things that I incorporate and they have been helping me keep some of my sanity. Maybe you can incorporate some of these things and save you a few hairs yourself. When you are a mother sometimes just getting through the day is a huge accomplishment but I have learned the hard way. If you aren’t prepared for your children then they will be prepared for you! You will end up in a bad mood and probably loosing it a few times through out the day! Hope this helps some of you out! Being a Mom is a tough job and even the best preparation and all these things just don’t work! Sometimes you just have those days where things don’t go right no matter how prepared you are for your kiddies!!

Rock On Mommy’s!


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Hello. My name is Stephanie Morton and I am a stay at home mother of four beautiful little girls! I am a South Carolina gal and I love it! I am an entrepreneur as well. I love the ability of staying home with my girls and don’t really care too much for the daily chores like laundry, dishes, and house cleaning but it comes with the territory. I am 28 years old and four children… Yes I know, WOW! I am married to an amazing man that I love dearly. He is a wonderful father and supportive husband. I am truly blessed!

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