The truth behind MLM companies and work from home JOB’s!!

I would normally never do this but something told me to share this! So many of you are looking for the right opportunity to make fast cash!!! I admit that before I became a successful entrepreneur in MLM I too wanted the fast cash! As a matter of fact here were my requirements:

NO cost to join. (I had no money to invest.. I am looking to make money duh)
NO selling. (I cant sell a heater to an Eskimo)
NO recruiting.
Work my own hours! (10 hours a week would be fantastic)
No products to keep on hand. (that means you need $$$ to buy those products so I am not about to invest in that)
No parties. (I dont have time to do parties and share with people what I have to offer)

So I tried many different work @ home gigs and well none of them ever worked! I invested a few bucks here and there and tried to find the cheapest way into a company and honestly I had no time to “work” my biz… I AM A MOTHER OF FOUR CHILDREN!!! I have no time for that!!!!

I finally watched a friend of mine for a few months and she came over to try and sell me a product!!! My exact words to her “I am not going to buy in to this or become a salesperson because that is just not my style.. but I will try it to help you out!” Little did I know that her intentions where not to sell me a product… Her intentions where to get me on her team and have me share this product with others so that I too could make a residual income!

That was all she wrote… I tried the product, fell in love and it was an uphill road from there. I used the products for 6 more months before becoming a distributor because I wanted to see the full effect of what she had and my results where amazing!!! I then became a rep in her company and I replaced my income in less than 3 months! I am now working a business on my terms and guess what it COST me to start!!!! It was $99 and I made that back in my first 48 hours but I knew that I loved the product and my warm market would as well… So I did it.. I took the leap of faith and I am so glad I did. My friends where and continue to come to me to get what I have!!!

My point to this entire post is to share with you all don’t assume that an initial start up fee is ridiculous.. That just means you are investing in your future! Do not assume that monthly auto shipments are a horrible thing because if you don’t have a product to show your clientele then it will make it harder for you to seal the deal.. 90% of my clients try what I have before making a commitment.. it is very important that I run my auto shipment every month and luckily my company has it set up to where I make cash profit from that every month!

I do not have a set schedule however you have to WORK in order to make money… I see so many people iso a stay at home job where they do not have to work!!! Cmon folks lets be logical… you will never get paid to do NOTHING!!! That is ridiculous!!!

When you are ISO a great work from home job please be aware that your requirements should be real… your expectations should be reachable!!! Find something that you love and don’t let fear stand in the way of your dreams!!! You can continue to do what you are doing today and getting the same results or you can take a leap of faith, find something you love and can share with others, find someone who will give you great leadership and training, and make it a career!!!

My Opinion and Cold Hard Facts About What I Do…

Another truth about our products that I would like to touch on… Some people don’t realize what our products are intended for or they don’t care to look into it because they have been misinformed. 

So here is the truth… Our products are not some magical product that you can use and go from a size 18 to a size 2 in weeks. If you ever find a product that can do that for you PLEASE LET ME KNOW ASAP!!You see, some don’t realize that it is a process. Yes!!! You can see results in 45 minutes which is wonderful but not going from Rosanne to Reba in 45 minutes.  As far as our products are concerned it is my advice that you use them to AIDE you on your journey of health and wellness. Exercise and Diet is very important in EVERYONE’S LIFE!! Wanna cheat a little okay that is cool just take a couple #fatfighters after that cheat meal, however do not think for a minute that you can cheat breakfast, lunch, dinner, and midnight snack everyday.. It is just not possible to see the results you are looking for if you eat a pint of ice cream, fried foods, and soda daily.. C’Mon… 

As far as the exercise goes once you are eating correctly and your body is not in toxic overload you should be able to take a at least a 30 minute brisk walk or even more without too much deliberation.. and yes take a few #thermofit in the morning and your metabolism will start to work properly and get you up and moving!  As far as our amazing wrap products AGAIN you will not throw this one wrap on (which is not even a full treatment) and go from a size 18 to 2.. Let’s be real!!! Okay so with that being said I find humor in the fact that people look at our products as a gimmick or just a way for us to have something to make money off of while at the house.. That is simply ridiculous!!! 

Let me point out that over 10,000 people do not sit at the house and throw #wrapson people and not see measurable amazing results.. If they never saw results with our products do you think for one minute that they would drive/fly hundreds or thousands of miles to a convention with our company to celebrate, learn, and meet other like minded individuals if they weren’t making any money with the company or the products did not work.. Do you really think that this company would have been debt free for over a decade if our products DID NOT WORK?? Do you think that we would be ranked so high in the Inc 5,000 for our company? Do you think our revenue would have went from 17.4 million dollars in 2009 to 200 million in 2012? See for yourself… Do you think our company would have made it for three years in a row in the success from home magazine?? If you don’t believe me look it up and then go down to Barnes and Noble and look for it on the shelves. Buy it and read it if you really want to blow your own mind.  
Further more if our company sold product(s) that did not work do you think for one minute that people would be uploading you tube videos, posting on social media sites, publicly stepping on stage in front of thousands explaining how they can NOW LOOK IN A MIRROR, or sharing with everyone they come in contact with that these products have changed their lives.. Do you think ALL THESE PEOPLE THAT ARE JUST LIKE YOU AND ME ARE “just saying” this???? Yeah NO, I don’t think so either… Let’s Be real people! 

With all this being said keep in mind that this is my OPINION, (get this, read real slowly) If you use our AFFORDABLE products and see awesome results and QUIT using them ******IT IS OKAY!!!!!****** You do not have to be on our products for life however there are some products I and even my kids just don’t go a day without like our greens that gives you 8 plus servings of fruits and veggies that MOST EVERYBODY never gets like they are supposed to. Also our amazing ALL NATURAL vitamins that are not packed full of unnecessary ingredients  But NO don’t let anyone tell you uneducated information about ceasing the use of our products and what happens afterwards!!!!! But listen up.. If you stop using our products, stop exercising, and eat fast food 12 times a week and a pint of ice cream three times a week. You can go ahead and guarantee that you will be going back to the old jeans and feeling like crud again.  HELLO!!! Do you follow me???

Furthermore I will touch on the fact that our company does not offer a money back guarantee and I would not advise any health and wellness company do this.. It’s a bad business move honestly.. If someone purchases the product and does not use as directed and consumes only soda pop and Sweet Tea during the week, alcohol on the weekends, and hits up Mickey D’s for breakfast and lunch daily and who knows for lunch, you will not see results and that is only your fault and you just wasted your money…It’s not my fault that you did those things.  If you didn’t see results with our products and you really ate healthy and exercised as much as you could, then YOU need help, so ask your distributor and let them help you. Everyone is different however our products can and will work you just need to make sure that you are using them properly and understanding what you need to do. Its not rocket science peeps, ITS YOUR BODY, YOUR HEALTH, I am sure you took anatomy in school.  

Your probably thinking wow!!?? Right?? yeah I figured that.. lol if you have any questions feel free to let me know and I will be real with you.. Are our products amazing, Yes I believe so but you should form your own opinion and thank goodness our company allows you to do that for 45% off. 

Whether it be that you are looking for an aide in getting healthier or looking for a way to make extra income and possibly replace your income without punching a time clock every day for the rest of your life, you need to look into this because all this information above is important to review and understand.  My personal results with our products were and continue to be jaw dropping because I understand the importance of a healthy diet and the importance of physical activity. My testimony with the business is exactly what it is.. I have done wonderful with my business and it continues to grow because I know the importance of treating my business like a business and giving 100% customer satisfaction and 100% dedication to my team! So many people are looking for the next best thing.. How about look for the thing that works and work hard at it!!! All you need is a passion, a vehicle, and a desire to do more with yourself.