The truth behind MLM companies and work from home JOB’s!!

I would normally never do this but something told me to share this! So many of you are looking for the right opportunity to make fast cash!!! I admit that before I became a successful entrepreneur in MLM I too wanted the fast cash! As a matter of fact here were my requirements:

NO cost to join. (I had no money to invest.. I am looking to make money duh)
NO selling. (I cant sell a heater to an Eskimo)
NO recruiting.
Work my own hours! (10 hours a week would be fantastic)
No products to keep on hand. (that means you need $$$ to buy those products so I am not about to invest in that)
No parties. (I dont have time to do parties and share with people what I have to offer)

So I tried many different work @ home gigs and well none of them ever worked! I invested a few bucks here and there and tried to find the cheapest way into a company and honestly I had no time to “work” my biz… I AM A MOTHER OF FOUR CHILDREN!!! I have no time for that!!!!

I finally watched a friend of mine for a few months and she came over to try and sell me a product!!! My exact words to her “I am not going to buy in to this or become a salesperson because that is just not my style.. but I will try it to help you out!” Little did I know that her intentions where not to sell me a product… Her intentions where to get me on her team and have me share this product with others so that I too could make a residual income!

That was all she wrote… I tried the product, fell in love and it was an uphill road from there. I used the products for 6 more months before becoming a distributor because I wanted to see the full effect of what she had and my results where amazing!!! I then became a rep in her company and I replaced my income in less than 3 months! I am now working a business on my terms and guess what it COST me to start!!!! It was $99 and I made that back in my first 48 hours but I knew that I loved the product and my warm market would as well… So I did it.. I took the leap of faith and I am so glad I did. My friends where and continue to come to me to get what I have!!!

My point to this entire post is to share with you all don’t assume that an initial start up fee is ridiculous.. That just means you are investing in your future! Do not assume that monthly auto shipments are a horrible thing because if you don’t have a product to show your clientele then it will make it harder for you to seal the deal.. 90% of my clients try what I have before making a commitment.. it is very important that I run my auto shipment every month and luckily my company has it set up to where I make cash profit from that every month!

I do not have a set schedule however you have to WORK in order to make money… I see so many people iso a stay at home job where they do not have to work!!! Cmon folks lets be logical… you will never get paid to do NOTHING!!! That is ridiculous!!!

When you are ISO a great work from home job please be aware that your requirements should be real… your expectations should be reachable!!! Find something that you love and don’t let fear stand in the way of your dreams!!! You can continue to do what you are doing today and getting the same results or you can take a leap of faith, find something you love and can share with others, find someone who will give you great leadership and training, and make it a career!!!


Invest In Your Future! Own YOUR time!!!

If you had the opportunity to buy stock in Google before it skyrocketed, be one of the group to launch Apple or be a part of FaceBook…knowing then what you do now, would you take that chance? 

Inc. magazine named It Works! Global, a local health and wellness company, to the 30thAnnual Inc. 500/5000 ranking of the nation’s fastest-growing private companies. It Works! Global ranked No. 43 in the Consumer Products and Services industry and No. 720 overall, out of 7 million companies looked at. This is the first appearance on the list for It Works! Global 

It Works! Global is a STABLE (10+ years), DEBT FREE (3+ three years) and an “UNSATURATED” company. How long have YOU or any of your friends known about it? Ask anyone and you won’t find too many people who do! 

It Works is showing amazing growth 1.9M in sales in Jan of 2011 vs 6M in Jan 2012 and 8M in Feb of 2012 and in April the companies BIGGEST commison were paid to the the 22k distributors and in May the market is even better! It Works is one of the 3 fastest companies in the WORLD and our products are top notch! 

Why not join my team? I can help you find your financial independence! 


So….I originally found out about It Works through a friend because I was looking for a way to look better and get healthy. It’s as simple as that! I got excited about their body wraps and I had to try them for myself. Seeing is believing and I wanted to see it work for me before I even thought about anything else. I didn’t even think about this as an income opportunity or business honestly the thought didn’t cross my mind. All I cared about at the time was losing my tummy and feeling comfortable in a shirt. Once I saw my stomach tighten overnight, I was in shock! I kept in close contact with the distributor I got the wrap from and used the products for about 6 months and had jaw dropping results! I knew then I could change peoples lives with this and could work form home and stop killing myself working 40 hours a week at the hospital! My one desire was to be able to stay home with my babies and stop working just to make ends meet! I wanted FREEDOM!

I don’t like to bother or push people and what makes this opportunity so different is that It Works has a product that LITERALLY sells itself. People contact me everyday to get more information on these “wraps”. I don’t sit at home cold calling people or walking door to door. The It Works products are so amazing that they bring the sales TO YOU! And when I say sales, I mean money! In the first month you could at minimum pay back your initial $99 investment, and with a little wrapping up to $600 in the first month is easily obtainable. Your earning potential in the first couple of months can be between $600-$2,000. Again, because you are not sharing a product  everyone else has, You can’t buy these products in any stores. They aren’t “as seen on tv”, they are absolutely original, FIRST TO MARKET! You’re SHARING a UNIQUE product that legitimately WORKS, and EVERYONE wants it! The financial potential with this company is incredible. And you have help when you need it! You have a team! We are a It Works Family Team! 

I love spending every last chance I can with my family and 4 young children. That is one of the biggest advantages to working from home. You work for yourself. You have your FREEDOM. All because you are making enough money SO EASILY. It’s that simple. Being an It Works distributor is most likely the easiest and biggest paycheck you will ever have. 

In order to become an It Works Distributor, there is a one time enrollment fee of $99. With that, you get your: 
$99 Distributor Kit (this is used to be $199, currently half off) 

4 Ultimate Body Applicator Wraps for samples or for selling (basically a free box for signing up) 
1 Success Home Magazine 

5 discount Blitz coupons cards 

New Distributor Application forms 

Customer order form 


Product catalogs

New consultant starter manuaI 

Party Pad





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So how many people on here: 
A. Need a job 
B. hates their job and wants a new one 
C. Has a decent job but would love some extra money doing something else?? 

Who is ready to make an extra $400, $600, $2000, $4000, $10000 a month? So here is the plan. Buy your business kit for $99. Plus you get 4 wraps worth $100  and your own online store! And you get an AWESOME team! We are ALL over the map and growing by leaps and bounds! 
I am so busy with my business, I am looking for dedicated people who join my team of distributors! I promise you, this is the best job you will ever have!! 

Work from Home, you can sell our product(s) to your friends and individuals, in your store, spa, fitness centers, tanning salon, boutique, expos and at your own wrap parties for CASH but there are 5 ways to earn… 

1. Wrap Parties earn you Cash on the spot! 

2. Receive monthly commissions from all your online sales. 

3. Weekly Bonuses. 

4. A long-term residual check when you get a few friends to join the business with you. 

5. Car Bonuses (doesn’t have to purchase you a car we just call it that! This is a $600 bonus that goes to your checking account! Spend it on what you want! Free and Below Wholesale Product and Infinity CAB Bonuses(Whats a CAB bonus?? Just do this $80 + $80+ $80 and keep going for infinity) yeah sounds crazy right?? 

You keep the cash from your Wrap Parties!! 

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The Ugly Truth Behing Network Marketing/MLM Company Hoppers – The Difference Between “Reps Leaving” and Leadership

Here’s the ugly truth to people who “hop” network marketing/mlm opportunities and then promote it everywhere: 

They are only hurting themselves and the dreams of many others! 

I was watching a video online for a guy who supposedly was in my network marketing opportunity. This person spewed lies, rumors, and opinions posed as facts in this video for no other reason than to make himself look like a leader in his company and opportunity. 

But after talking with his up-line in a previous company (recently previous, mind you), I found out the truth about this guy: He jumps from opportunity to opportunity, looking for the “next best thing” and dragging his team with him. 

And in the midst of talking with my friend, I also learned that many of the people who have been burned by this individual are giving up on their dreams and leaving the industry, opting for the “security” and restrictions of a job. 

Well, here’s the ugly truth behind Network Marketing/MLM “hoppers” and “next best thing” chasers: 

They are not leaders. They are hunters and gatherers, wanting to find who they can prey on to make money in whatever they feel inclined to move to next. They never take the time to develop themselves within a company, nor do they develop leaders within a company. 

These people claim that “reps are leaving” companies, as this guy claimed in his against my company, but realize that not everyone who joins a company stays, and not everyone who leaves is that important to the company. There is a difference between a leader and a rep, and it has nothing to do with income. 

No, the difference between a leader and a rep is that a leader sees the vision for themselves AND their team, takes time to grow, and takes more time to develop leaders. 

They do not look for opportunity after opportunity, hoping to make a few more bucks or the newest gizmo/tech/nutritional/whatever. 

No, leaders take time to develop leaders. 

And if they leave without doing so, they are just another rep in the field. 

Network Marketing/MLM is all about developing yourself to a leader by developing other leaders. How can you develop leaders if you cannot settle into a company and get to work? 

Don’t mistake the two, and don’t let these reps move cause you to lose the focus off of your dream.

Keep it classy and don’t be fooled. Live your dreams and remember that you are capable of anything! Don’t allow others decisions and false information along with lies and opinions change your path of success! 

I have my path of success and I have people whom think they are leaders and are not. They bash me, my company, and my products, but the cold hard truth is they are sadly just hunters on a search for something that they will never succeed in. They are sadly mistaken if they think that hurting others will get them anywhere! that is where I am at and my team is doing amazing! $10k, $15k bonsues and so much more. Changing peoples lives physically, financially, and with their health and wellness. It does not get much better than that.

I hope you have a company that you believe in and I pray that you stick with it! Don’t allow anyone to fool you into the “next best thing” and remember God will lead you where you need to be or help you where you are at!