The truth behind MLM companies and work from home JOB’s!!

I would normally never do this but something told me to share this! So many of you are looking for the right opportunity to make fast cash!!! I admit that before I became a successful entrepreneur in MLM I too wanted the fast cash! As a matter of fact here were my requirements:

NO cost to join. (I had no money to invest.. I am looking to make money duh)
NO selling. (I cant sell a heater to an Eskimo)
NO recruiting.
Work my own hours! (10 hours a week would be fantastic)
No products to keep on hand. (that means you need $$$ to buy those products so I am not about to invest in that)
No parties. (I dont have time to do parties and share with people what I have to offer)

So I tried many different work @ home gigs and well none of them ever worked! I invested a few bucks here and there and tried to find the cheapest way into a company and honestly I had no time to “work” my biz… I AM A MOTHER OF FOUR CHILDREN!!! I have no time for that!!!!

I finally watched a friend of mine for a few months and she came over to try and sell me a product!!! My exact words to her “I am not going to buy in to this or become a salesperson because that is just not my style.. but I will try it to help you out!” Little did I know that her intentions where not to sell me a product… Her intentions where to get me on her team and have me share this product with others so that I too could make a residual income!

That was all she wrote… I tried the product, fell in love and it was an uphill road from there. I used the products for 6 more months before becoming a distributor because I wanted to see the full effect of what she had and my results where amazing!!! I then became a rep in her company and I replaced my income in less than 3 months! I am now working a business on my terms and guess what it COST me to start!!!! It was $99 and I made that back in my first 48 hours but I knew that I loved the product and my warm market would as well… So I did it.. I took the leap of faith and I am so glad I did. My friends where and continue to come to me to get what I have!!!

My point to this entire post is to share with you all don’t assume that an initial start up fee is ridiculous.. That just means you are investing in your future! Do not assume that monthly auto shipments are a horrible thing because if you don’t have a product to show your clientele then it will make it harder for you to seal the deal.. 90% of my clients try what I have before making a commitment.. it is very important that I run my auto shipment every month and luckily my company has it set up to where I make cash profit from that every month!

I do not have a set schedule however you have to WORK in order to make money… I see so many people iso a stay at home job where they do not have to work!!! Cmon folks lets be logical… you will never get paid to do NOTHING!!! That is ridiculous!!!

When you are ISO a great work from home job please be aware that your requirements should be real… your expectations should be reachable!!! Find something that you love and don’t let fear stand in the way of your dreams!!! You can continue to do what you are doing today and getting the same results or you can take a leap of faith, find something you love and can share with others, find someone who will give you great leadership and training, and make it a career!!!


Counting My Blessings!

We had a snow storm here in South Carolina! They called for about 4 to 6 inches in my area.. The kids where so excited! We woke up on Tuesday waiting patiently because they cancelled school for in-climate weather conditions. We waited, and waited, and waited some more and at 7:00 p.m. still NOW SNOW!!! We knew it was coming but it just didn’t want to come.. Well the girls fell asleep after a long day of anticipation at around 9:00 and at 10:30 it started falling! So of course I woke them and would get up and go outside! So we did just that. We woke up this morning and got bundled up and we were on a mission to have as much fun as possible. And we did just that.
We started by hoooking the only thing we had to serve the purpose of a sleigh and that was a top to a leaf catcher thing from an old lawn mower. It worked very well might I add, the kids fit perfectly inside of it. Oh boy did they have a blast slipping and sliding in that little bitty “sleigh”. Then we made our way in the house for some heat and some yummy snow cream. The girls had so much fun and I think Daddy did too. When we have snow in the south we have to make sure we take full advantage of it.
I am sitting here thinking about all the fun we had and how I am so blessed for those four little angels God has blessed me with. I sometimes wonder what I did so right to be able to get the four most beautiful children in the world. I often think about how I am so grateful for what God has given me.
Now I am sitting here thinking of even more blessings that I dont thank him for enough. I am blessed for this home that I have. We have heat, we have food, we have clothing on our back. We are truly blessed with so much and sometimes we dont acknowledge it. I think sometimes we just really need to sit back and look at what we do have in life and give thanks for these daily blessings.
As I look at the snow and think about all the fun we have had today I praise God for all of this and guiding me to my current business. I am so blessed to be able to stay home with my babies and not have to puch a time clock. I don’t have to drive to my job and risk my life on the roads and that is a blessing in itself because there are so many out there who have to do that. I have been praying all day for people with JOBS to have safe travels to and from. I am so blessed to have the ability of scheduling my work when I want to. I dont have to be anywhere at anytime I schedule my appointments and meetings around my time and my kids time. That is something I never was able to do before and I am so blessed to have this ability now. You can see what I do by going to
Uh oh I have to run, more later… Kiddies are calling for me to come throw snow balls at Daddy!