Invest In Your Future! Own YOUR time!!!

If you had the opportunity to buy stock in Google before it skyrocketed, be one of the group to launch Apple or be a part of FaceBook…knowing then what you do now, would you take that chance? 

Inc. magazine named It Works! Global, a local health and wellness company, to the 30thAnnual Inc. 500/5000 ranking of the nation’s fastest-growing private companies. It Works! Global ranked No. 43 in the Consumer Products and Services industry and No. 720 overall, out of 7 million companies looked at. This is the first appearance on the list for It Works! Global 

It Works! Global is a STABLE (10+ years), DEBT FREE (3+ three years) and an “UNSATURATED” company. How long have YOU or any of your friends known about it? Ask anyone and you won’t find too many people who do! 

It Works is showing amazing growth 1.9M in sales in Jan of 2011 vs 6M in Jan 2012 and 8M in Feb of 2012 and in April the companies BIGGEST commison were paid to the the 22k distributors and in May the market is even better! It Works is one of the 3 fastest companies in the WORLD and our products are top notch! 

Why not join my team? I can help you find your financial independence! 


So….I originally found out about It Works through a friend because I was looking for a way to look better and get healthy. It’s as simple as that! I got excited about their body wraps and I had to try them for myself. Seeing is believing and I wanted to see it work for me before I even thought about anything else. I didn’t even think about this as an income opportunity or business honestly the thought didn’t cross my mind. All I cared about at the time was losing my tummy and feeling comfortable in a shirt. Once I saw my stomach tighten overnight, I was in shock! I kept in close contact with the distributor I got the wrap from and used the products for about 6 months and had jaw dropping results! I knew then I could change peoples lives with this and could work form home and stop killing myself working 40 hours a week at the hospital! My one desire was to be able to stay home with my babies and stop working just to make ends meet! I wanted FREEDOM!

I don’t like to bother or push people and what makes this opportunity so different is that It Works has a product that LITERALLY sells itself. People contact me everyday to get more information on these “wraps”. I don’t sit at home cold calling people or walking door to door. The It Works products are so amazing that they bring the sales TO YOU! And when I say sales, I mean money! In the first month you could at minimum pay back your initial $99 investment, and with a little wrapping up to $600 in the first month is easily obtainable. Your earning potential in the first couple of months can be between $600-$2,000. Again, because you are not sharing a product  everyone else has, You can’t buy these products in any stores. They aren’t “as seen on tv”, they are absolutely original, FIRST TO MARKET! You’re SHARING a UNIQUE product that legitimately WORKS, and EVERYONE wants it! The financial potential with this company is incredible. And you have help when you need it! You have a team! We are a It Works Family Team! 

I love spending every last chance I can with my family and 4 young children. That is one of the biggest advantages to working from home. You work for yourself. You have your FREEDOM. All because you are making enough money SO EASILY. It’s that simple. Being an It Works distributor is most likely the easiest and biggest paycheck you will ever have. 

In order to become an It Works Distributor, there is a one time enrollment fee of $99. With that, you get your: 
$99 Distributor Kit (this is used to be $199, currently half off) 

4 Ultimate Body Applicator Wraps for samples or for selling (basically a free box for signing up) 
1 Success Home Magazine 

5 discount Blitz coupons cards 

New Distributor Application forms 

Customer order form 


Product catalogs

New consultant starter manuaI 

Party Pad





If you want to make extra cash each month or you are ready to take the steps to make more than just a few extra hundred bucks extra, then contact me NOW!! Join my team of Distributors from across the US! 
Let’s get you started now while the kit is half off. 
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So how many people on here: 
A. Need a job 
B. hates their job and wants a new one 
C. Has a decent job but would love some extra money doing something else?? 

Who is ready to make an extra $400, $600, $2000, $4000, $10000 a month? So here is the plan. Buy your business kit for $99. Plus you get 4 wraps worth $100  and your own online store! And you get an AWESOME team! We are ALL over the map and growing by leaps and bounds! 
I am so busy with my business, I am looking for dedicated people who join my team of distributors! I promise you, this is the best job you will ever have!! 

Work from Home, you can sell our product(s) to your friends and individuals, in your store, spa, fitness centers, tanning salon, boutique, expos and at your own wrap parties for CASH but there are 5 ways to earn… 

1. Wrap Parties earn you Cash on the spot! 

2. Receive monthly commissions from all your online sales. 

3. Weekly Bonuses. 

4. A long-term residual check when you get a few friends to join the business with you. 

5. Car Bonuses (doesn’t have to purchase you a car we just call it that! This is a $600 bonus that goes to your checking account! Spend it on what you want! Free and Below Wholesale Product and Infinity CAB Bonuses(Whats a CAB bonus?? Just do this $80 + $80+ $80 and keep going for infinity) yeah sounds crazy right?? 

You keep the cash from your Wrap Parties!! 

Start YOUR Body Wrap Business TODAY! 


Start YOUR own home based business today for only $99.

Your kit will be shipped to you asap and includes marketing materials, blitz cards, catalogs, free Online Training Academy, a personal mentor partner (ME) to help guide you through the 3 simple steps to success and you get 4 skinny wraps. (sell for $25 each, start business for free) There are 5 ways to earn Money!!

NO inventory to keep, NO sales goals to meet and work from home in your spare time. This is YOUR business, so much FUN and so easy!! EVERYONE wants the Skinny Wrap. 

Get STARTED TODAY this company is wonderful and the product is amazing! JOIN my team! You will wish you did sooner!


What is holding you back from becoming a distributor for this amazing company? They are offering you lots of money in a $10,000 bonus for becoming a Diamond in your first 90 days. I am making so much money and I want to share the wealth with you too and I will be here to help you do that. If you have been thinking about becoming a distributor then now is the time to do it! If you are still not sure then why are you not sure? I would love to help you make a decision for sure!! Please ask here or leave me your email address or email me








I often talk about It Works Greens! Why? Because of ALL the benefits it has! It’s Amazing! Why are Greens a top selling product?

What’s in it?




It Works Greens are filled with free radical fighting nutrients that work to bring our bodies to an alkaline state. When alkalinity is restored our bodies tend to work better overall and are better equipped to fight off sickness. Acidic bodies are more prone to illness so It Works Greens is formulated to help lower the acidity level and bring our blood to its appropriate PH balance of 7.35 to 7.45. Our bodies are always trying to sustain that level and self correct intake of high acidic foods or environments. Greens helps give our bodies’ internal regulating system the boost it needs when trying to self-correct and restore alkalinity.



You Are What You Eat Combating acidity is done best by the right amount of raw fruits and vegetables. It Works Greens contains 8+ servings in a convenient daily dose. Greens might be green, but tastes like orange. The flavor is similar to Tang so it goes down easy. It is easy to use and dissolves quickly in juice or water. All of the minerals and vitamins in the Greens invigorates the body with a natural energy boost.


Greens blends 38 herbs and nutrient-rich “superfoods” to provide vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, and enzymes in their naturally-occurring, bio-active, bio-available form. Greens helps to:

  • Detoxify
  • Alkalize the body
  • Balance the immune system

WOW!!!! It Works Greens have significantly changed my life and keeps my entire family healthy! But check out this story from a woman who went from basically infertile to pregnant in 7 months!

Earlier today Kami Dempsey asked some of the leaders what their fav story was.. Most of them started sharing their own story as these products have changed lives soomuch! One was migraines and Fibro. Another was gall bladder issues.
But read this!!!!

Rachael said my growing baby belly!!! story of Greens! I had so much scar tissue in my uterus and tubes from endometriosis. I couldn’t get pregnant I had an ultra sound a month before starting on greens to see if it was worth them “SCRAPING” yes “SCRAPING” my tubes and uterus of the scars!!! They told me there was so much that removing it would for sure make me infertile (even if I did IVF) and leave me in even more pain . I was devastated this was 3 years after finding out their was a problem, they were hoping this medicine I was on for 6 months would heal some of the scaring but it actually got worst ): I was a mess. But 7 months on greens I found out I was pregnant at my ultra sound my doctor was SHOCKED 80% of my scaring was gone in just 7 months and nothing else had changed in my life at all but taking greens! When my doctor did some research she said that the alkalizing and detoxing along with many ingredients in the greens have long time been known to help infertile women! Now I’m 4 1/2 months pregnant and baby is so healthy! I can’t wait to be a mom!”








To view the greens on my website go to

In my home greens is what our morning juice and we snack on It Works Green Chews instead of yucky food!!! My kids call them their superhero juice and snacks! We don’t go a day without! 

Wrap Girl / Stephanie Morton







10 Things You Can Implement Everyday To make Parenting Awesome

Parenting isn’t quite predictable, easy or always fun but it can be an amazing journey. Here are 10 things you can do everyday to make parenting awesome:




Accept imperfection:  Parenting is a huge opportunity to  accept that everyone makes mistakes and that these mistakes are a chance to learn together, a wonderful time for reflection and an opportunity to problem solve and practice acceptance, forgiveness and compassion.

Smile: It’s contagious and brings happiness to the world.  After spending time apart, when you meet again, greet your child with a smile. When things are going not so great, breathe and try to think of something that makes you smile.  It’s simple and yet so powerful.

Listen:   Make time to listen to your child’s dreams, hopes and stories. Listen to the heartaches, the problems and the fears. Do not worry so much about fixing and solving problems, instead listen with the intent to be there, listen with a kind heart and strive to  be present and supportive.

Dare to be Ridiculous: You want your child to have courage, joy, happiness and a desire to find meaning in life? Dare to be ridiculous: dance together, laugh, laugh and laugh some more, invent, create, play, whatever it may be, step outside your comfort zone once a day. It’s worth every moment of connection and it models amazing qualities needed for success.

Be Encouraging: The more we can encourage, the more our children can flourish.   Look and celebrate process and progress, determination and courage. Face success and failures with compassion and with the intent to be supportive.

Expect Limits to be Tested: Know that limits and boundaries will be tested because your child is still learning and trying to understand how the world and relationships work.  Shift your expectations and face those test with determination, kindness and flexibility and guide your child towards better choices in positive ways.  

Communicate with Respect: Remember the impact that your voice has on your child’s inner voice and strive to communicate in ways that are respectful, positive and kind. Say yes as much as you can and say no when you really mean it.

Spend time together: Look for opportunities, no matter how short they may be, to truly connect with your child each day. It can be five minutes reading together, two minutes shared looking at a picture, 15 minutes playing a game or going out to lunch together, find those moments and be truly present with your child. Children that feel connected are naturally more cooperative.

Aim for Balance:  Make time for yourself to re-energize. Our children are learning not just from what we say but so much from watching us. Striving to lead a balanced life, which includes time for ourselves really matters.  When our own tanks are full, we can handle the ups and downs of parenting much better.

Choose Love: Things will get messy, loud, sticky, complicated and stressful.Choose love and building a relationship over proving you have power. Children learn so much when given a chance to fix their own mistakes. Choose love and over the years your child will feel capable and remember “my parents loved me so” and not  ”my parents always told me so”.

What do you do everyday that makes your parenting journey awesome?

The Super Bowl: A Sex Trafficker’s Playground

This is serious! Praying for all the victims of this horrible crime. It is so sad that there are so many victims and the industry goes up to 35 billion world wide is very scary… This issue is inhumane and the entire world does seem to ignore or overlook this issue. Please be aware and think about if it was your son or daughter in this situation.. You can help by raising the awareness. My company sponsors an organization called Selah Freedom. I sat at conference and listened to the president of that organization and her story and it is so very sad! I cried for what seemed like hours after hearing what these poor people go through. Praying for the victims everywhere.

Mandy Black

woman hostageIn just a few short days hundreds of thousands of visitors will flood to the MetLife stadium in New Jersey for Super Bowl XLVIII. Many visitors will be coming to show their pride and cheer on their favorite team, but tragically, thousands more will be coming for something entirely different. What most people don’t know is that the single biggest game of the year has also been called the single largest human trafficking event on the planet.

Just beyond the stadium lights, hidden within the shadows will be thousands of victims, women, children and even men, caught in the inhumane web of sex trafficking. For them this day will bring something much different than football, loud cheers, hot dog stands and painted beer bellies. For them it will bring pain, abuse, repeated rapes and even fear of death. The exact numbers of trafficking cases in a given year or…

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Working From Home & Enjoying My Life!



Working from home is truly the best decision I made for my family and I. I was sick of working 40+ hours a week.. I never got to see my girls and when I did it was for dinner,bath, then bed.  So I needed a vehicle to get me out of that hospital and out of debt!!! Even just a few thousand a month would be fine. I tried a few different companies and ugh it never worked for me!!! I used these products and saw the income potential and I knew this was it. I fell in love with the products the 6 months I used them! Had amazing results and turned my health around!!! 

So I went ALL IN!!! I knew I needed a way to get home with my girls!!! I knew I wanted to share these products with others as it changed my health for the better!!! 

So one year into the business I’m at home with my girls. I succeeded my goal amount very quickly and now I’m making more from home and having a blast! 

This business has changed our lives…. We got the cars paid in full, the three credit cards out from under us, & bought the land we have been waiting to buy for years!!! The house is this year and we are so excited!!! 

This business however is not for everyone. Only for people who have a why and a dream. If your okay with living week to week and punching the clock and not owning your time then maybe you are better to do just that. 

If you know you want more out of life than living week to week and you are not afraid of putting forth the effort…. We should talk. I can share with you how I rewired myself and get to enjoy my kids and work my own schedule!  
No strings attached if you just ask! or email me at